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Brazil-Africa Forum discusses the strategies for agricultural development
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The representatives from 35 countries would be meeting on Thursday (3) and Friday (4), at Itaipu Ecological Park (PTI), in Foz do Iguaçu, Parana, to discuss the relationship between Brazil and African continent, focused on strategies for agricultural development.
Ministers of State, ambassadors, directors from International organizations, business directors, researches and academics would be participating on 4th Brazil-Africa Forum, organized by Instituto Brasil África, with Itaipu Binacional support.
The official opening of ceremony would be on Thursday (3), at 11:00 a.m., at Cineteatro dos Barrageiros, with participation of Itaipu General Brazilian Director, Jorge Samek, and Banco Africano de Desenvolvimento President, Akinwumi Adesina.
At forum closing, on Friday (4), at 4:00 p.m., a speech with Blairo Maggi, Brazil agriculture, livestock and supply minister, was expected.
Forum schedule included discussions regarding biotechnology, family agriculture, fertilizers and chemical products, financing and subsides, food inspection and processing, infrastructure, food security, irrigation fruit farming, international certification, cattle, nutrition, bioenergy, cooperation, transformation, etc.
The following participation is expected: institutions representatives, like FAO, FIDA, Brazilian Cooperation Agency (ABC), Forum for Agricultural Research in Africa (Fara), Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation (Embrapa) and Latin American Development Bank (CAF).
João Bosco Monte, Instituto Brasil África President and International Relationship professor at Universidade de Fortaleza, Ceara, asserted he expected that the discussions made during forum would be the opportunity for several fields of agriculture.
“We want to create conditions for people to change their destination and also have the opportunity to the government finds the synergy and that also would be the opportunity for the companies. We need to have in mind that private institutions and cooperation should have our look and attention”, he mentioned.
Monte has mentioned that African continent has 54 countries, but the existing difference among them is abyssal: “Because they are countries with totally different idiosyncrasies, sizes, volume, language and habits. We have to respect these differences to understand them”.
In case of Brazilian relationship, trades exchanges or technology transference have been realized more frequently due to cultural affinity (five countries have Portuguese as the official language) or geographic proximity (placed at Atlantic coast).
“Today, these elements should be considered. But I have realized, in general, that African zeal for Brazil is more than we can imagine. Everything from Brazil catches their attention. There’s a very big interest from government, institutions and companies to talk with us. And Brazil has demonstrated this interest”, he mentioned.
Approximation of interests
Instituto Brasil África is a nonprofit organization founded in 2012, with headquarters in Fortaleza and offices in São Paulo and Luanda. Its goal is to promote cooperation projects – education, health, environment, economic development, agriculture, science, technology, etc.
It has performed events and activities in Brazil and in African continent. One of the most important action was Brazil Africa Forum, which was its fourth edition.
In the last year, the event was performed in Recife and the subject was the energy. It was during the discussion with Itaipu, in 2015 forum, that the institute understood the importance of west side of Parana for national agricultural sector, especially those actions which join development and sustainability.
“We noticed that there was something different, in addition to energy. Without mentioning the natural beauty of Foz do Iguaçu, which is a separate attraction”. For 2017, forum subject has been chosen: innovation and technology. The place of the event should be announced this week.