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In 2013, Itaipu received nearly one million visitors
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Year after year, more people from around the world are visiting Itaipu. In 2013, a total of 952,812 tourists from many different countries and every Brazilian state came to see the hydroelectric dam and its sights. This number refers to the total of institutional visitors to the Itaipu Tourist Complex (CTI) and others who entered from the right bank, on the Paraguay side.

This was 6.8% growth in comparison with 2012, when 887,888 visits were tallied. However, the most significant increase was for the CTI, which last year saw 586,307 tourists, 23.94% higher than the total in 2012. It was the greatest circulation of tourists since the new model for visiting the dam was inaugurated in 2007.

Over the course of the year, the plant was visited by over 2,600 people a day. Institutional tours guided by the Public Relations Division (CSRP.GB) served 56,432 people and there were 310,073 visits on the Paraguayan side.

The biggest different this year was the Múltiplo Leminski exhibition, which was on display from July to November and attracted nearly 130,000 people to Itaipu’s Eco-Museum. During the exhibit’s five month period, the number of visits to the Tourist Complex, which includes the left bank of the plant, the Eco-Museum and the Bela Vista Refuge, was 320,939 people - 51% more than during the same months the previous year.


It’s only natural for tourists to feel curious to learn more about the world’s most productive hydroelectric plant. In order to ensure they can all appreciate Itaipu’s greatness in the best way possible, on many occasions throughout the year the Itaipu Tourist Complex extends its hours, increases its staff size and the number of buses to allow even more people to visit the hydroelectric dam.