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The Itaipu Eco-museum continues exhibits
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The Eco-museum continues exhibiting "Water Awareness – The dimensions of water", the Center for High Conscientiology Studies (CEAEC), "Mon Sacre Coeur", painting and embroidery, and "Cultivating Good Water Program" – a new model of being/feeling, living, producing and consuming in the search for sustainability.


The Water Awareness exhibit summarizes the multiple dimensions of Water in a set of eleven approaches based on analyses of water-related facts. They are: consciential, ethical-legal, environmental, diplomatic, administrative, political, economic, social, cultural, physical-chemical-biological, and quali-quantitative.


It also presents the 10 articles of the Universal Declaration of Water Rights in the language of cartoons. It is an invitation to think about the many facets of water and the importance of this resource for the future of the planet.


The Cultivating Good Water Program is at the Interactive Space, where all of its initiatives, programs and awards received in its six years in operation.


Visitors can also enjoy “Mon Sacre Coeur”, a fusion of painting and embroidery on canvas by artist Beatriz Nocera.


The exhibits remain at the Eco-museum until September 6, 2009.