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The Ten Commandments of the Itaipu Manager
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The Itaipu Manager shall:

-    Have a suitable outlook on the environment in which the company operates;
-    Be committed to the company's mission, strategies, objectives and goals;
-    Stand out not only for his/her professional technical skills but also for his/her managerial ability;
-    Understand that one of his/her main duties is the training of substitutes and the development of people;
-    Apply company resources efficiently and austerely;
-    Set up a working environment where respect, justice, honesty, discipline, and efficiency prevail;
-    Reject red tape, slow decision-making processes, operational inefficiency, and the prevalence of the means over company purposes;
-    Acknowledge how important it is for the various managers to participate and collaborate in the solution of the problems they have in common;
-    Be trustworthy to the company and his/her subordinates, making his/her best efforts to deserve such trust;
-    Permanently update him/herself in regards to new management techniques and tools.

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