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Itaipu is a company that cares about its employees' personal fulfillment. It constantly seeks to provide ways that improve employee quality of life.

One successful initiative is the Reviving program that has promoted health, sports and citizen participation actions since 1994. The program is dedicated to employees and their families.

Reviving activities are comprehensive and include even chemical dependency prevention and treatment initiatives.

Employees and their families are educated about the risks related to alcohol and drug abuse while chemically dependent people receive proper treatment and monitoring without hurting their professional lives.

One specific campaign educates smokers about the damages caused by the addiction and encourages them to stop smoking with support from an interdisciplinary health team.

Another line of work encourages sports practice. At the Curitiba headquarters there is an exclusive place that offers employees weightlifting and workout classes.

In Foz do Iguaçu, workers at the Production Building warm up, walk, wind down, and have their blood pressure taken three times a week. The program also promotes bike rides and trekking.

Reviving has implemented workplace exercises that include stretching as a way to get people ready for their shift.

On its turn, the ErgoAtiva project provides advice on posture for professionals working in offices or the warehouse.

Citizen participation activities include family budget lessons and outreach initiatives like support to cancer and diabetes patients.

For diabetics, the Diabetes Empathy Group provides information on the disease in an effort to prevent misconceptions and prejudice.

Health professionals working in collaboration with the Foz do Iguaçu Diabetics Association give lectures and hold periodic events.

The Cancer Outreach Group is made up of employees seeking to help patients and their families cope with the disease by offering their workmates support and compassion.

The group is also responsible for the “Jello Drive”. Every year, the group collects jello donations from company employees to help with the nutrition of cancer patients being treated at the Erasto Gaetner Hospital in Curitiba.

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