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Occupational health
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Itaipu's occupational health initiatives aim to promote and maintain its employees' physical, mental and social well-being in order to prevent occasional harm caused or not by working conditions, and to protect them from the effects of harmful agents.

Every year Itaipu employees have a physical to detect diseases that may or may not have been caused by the nature of their work.

The company promotes vaccination campaigns in an effort to prevent diseases. Employees are immunized against the flu once a year, which results in fewer absences to work. Based on periodic medical examinations, the epidemiological and immunological profile indicated the need to immunize employees against Hepatitis B, which has been done since 2002. Likewise, the company also offers tetanus and yellow fever vaccines on a permanent basis.

Mindful of urgencies and emergencies, Itaipu provides pre-hospital medical care via an ambulance fully equipped and strategically located so as to quickly arrive to the site of the work-related accident or sudden illness. The mobile health unit also serves tourists, visitors, and contractors.

Employees are trained to respond to accidents via simulated emergency drills. From time to time, the activities involve all company divisions in addition to health teams, and labor safety technicians, besides professional and volunteer firemen who are trained to provide first aid in special situations.

First aid kits are made available at traveling work sites. Organized in modules and special bags, they contain supplies, equipment and medications provided according to the needs informed by the requesting areas.

A specific initiative is the Hearing Conservation Program whose coordinated actions prevent hearing loss and associated symptoms afflicting workers exposed to noise. These employees go through periodic audiometric tests, attend educational lectures, and are given Collective Protection Equipment (CPE).

Itaipu also assesses work stations by monitoring aggressive agents and environmental conditions. Based on the data collected, the company is able to make the necessary arrangements to ensure employee well-being and the fulfillment of the Professional Profile.

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