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Labor health and safety
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The complex activities performed at Itaipu lead the company to have a specific labor health and safety program in order to ensure the well-being of employees and service providers.

Different initiatives, such as technical seminars, lectures, monitoring and controls integrated to hired companies, safety talks, emergency-related video screenings and simulations promote the safety of operations carried out within Itaipu.

The emphasis on safety is shown by the Preliminary Risk Analysis (APR) work jointly developed by the operational and Labor Safety divisions.

The APR process periodically conducted at the various company departments, besides generating the Safety Instructions (IS), ensures the active participation of most workers in the development of a strong safety culture.

A significant event at Itaipu is the In-house Work-Related Accidents Week (SIPAT), which brings together all company departments to raise awareness regarding the use of safety equipment and accident prevention.

The World Day for Safety and Health at Work (April 28) is also marked at Itaipu as a date when relevant safety actions are announced.

Itaipu periodically conducts another two important prevention efforts. They comprise the fire prevention and control training programs and the Emergency Action Plan (PAE) that establishes simulated drills in emergency situations and prepares resources and personnel to face them.

The result of those and other initiatives shows up every year with the significant decrease of work-related accidents leading or not to absence from work.

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