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Internship Programs
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Internship in Brazil

If you are a university student, enrolled from the 3rd period in a Brazilian educational institution, or a high school student of a professional or regular course, you can experience our daily routine and have lessons that contribute to your professional development.

Types of Internship and Benefits

Type Duration  Level Grant
Optional internship  Maximum of 2 years University R$ 8.15/hour
High school or professional R$ 6.75/hour
 Compulsory Internship*    Maximum of 360 hours Professional high school or University  Not paid
Vacation Internship* (compulsory, short-term) Working days of July  University Not paid

* Available only in Foz do Iguacu

All internship students are entitled to ambulatory assistance, in case of an emergency, and personal accident insurance (permanent disability or death). Participants of the optional internship are entitled to paid holidays and can use the company transport or transit pass.

For the compulsory or vacation internship, the student must be enrolled in the discipline of Compulsory/Supervised Internship.

How to apply for an Internship position?

If you are interested in interning at ITAIPU, visit the website of Agiel, company hired as Agent of Integration of Internship, and fill in the online resume at: As the positions are open in your training area, Agiel will contact you to confirm your participation in the selection process.

However, if your interest is on the 2017 Vacation Internship, you can consult the regulation and apply at:

Internship opportunities for Paraguayan students, including those studying in Brazilian educational institutions, are administered by the Area of Human Resources of the Right Bank (Paraguay). See the guidelines in this link:


Foz do Iguaçu: +55 45 3520-6314

Curitiba: +55 41 3321-4221

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