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The largest artificial lake in Brazil is that of Sobradinho (BA), with a flooded area of 4,214 km2.

The Itaipu reservoir, with a flooded area of 1,350 km2, is the seventh largest in Brazil, but holds the best coefficient of water utilization for electricity generation of all the large Brazilian reservoirs.

The production coefficient of water utilization at Itaipu is 10.4 MW per km2, (i.e., each 0.1 km2 of flooded area can generate 1 MW). 


Volume at the normal maximum level (m3) 29 x 109
Useful volume (m3) 19 x 109
Length (km) 170
Maximum width (km) 12
Average width (km) 7
Surface (km2)  
      Normal level 1,350
      Maximum flood level 1,561
      Exceptional minimum level 459
Downstream level (m)  
      Normal (design level) 104.00
      Maximum 142.15
      Minimum 92.00
Upstream (m)  
      Normal (design level) 220.30
      Flood maximum 223.10
      Exceptional minimum 197.00
Steep drop (m)  
      Maximum 128.00
      Minimum 84.00

Rated drop (m)

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