Integration with the Paraguayan system
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The distribution of energy produced in Itaipu to Paraguay is made in 500 kV and 220 kV tensions, from the Margem Direita substation.

Margem Direita substation has six sets of autotransformer/regulators which lower the tension from 500 kV to 220 kV and deliver the energy to four lines, two of them going to Asunción, located 300 km away, and the other two go to the Acaray, located only 5 km away from Margem Direita. From Acaray, which belongs to Ande, other three lines also go to Asunción.

The 500 kV transmission connects the substation of Margem Direita with the substation of Villa Hayes, next to the metropolitan region of Asunción, main consumption center of Paraguay, located 340 km away of Itaipu.

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