Energy conservation
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In the world's largest hydroelectric plant the order is to save electric power.

In 1995, a Resolution by the Board of Directors created the Internal Commission for the Conservation of Energy at Itaipu (Cice), with the responsibility for preparing and updating Itaipu's Annual Energy Conservation Programs in accordance with the National Program for Energy Conservation (Procel), of Eletrobrás, as well as the Program for the Rational and Efficient Use of Electric Energy (URE), of the National Administration of Electricity (ANDE).

Itaipu's Cice was created based on the Government Decree No. 99.656 of 26/10/90, which governs the creation of Internal Commissions for the Conservation of Energy in the bodies and agencies run directly or indirectly by the federal administration.

Receiving an Honorable Mention at the 98 Procel Awards presented by the National Electricity Agency (Aneel) confirmed the orientation of the actions being developed by Itaipu's Cice towards attaining its objective of turning the utility into a recognized model for the industry.

At Itaipu, Cice is composed of representatives from the Technical, Administrative and Coordination Areas, supported by the Social Communication Area, and is under the coordination of representatives from the Technical Area.

Itaipu's Internal Commission for the Conservation of Energy is responsible for identifying and proposing actions to rationalize the internal consumption of electricity within the firm.

In order to quantify the economy realized through the measures adopted by the firm, it was considered the average consumption of 180 kWh/month per residence; the standard adopted by Procel.

The present value of the energy consumed at Itaipu and not directly utilized in the production of the power plant is, on average, 2.86 MW/month. The following table presents the estimated reductions with reference to each action proposed:


Action Estimated reduction (kWh/month) Equivalent number of residences
Highway illumination of the Left Bank 60,843 338
Highway Illumination of the Right Bank 44,784 249
Highway Illumination of Industrial Area 84,370 469
Illumination of the Production Building 15,624 87
Illumination of Observation Decks on both banks 4,032 22
Air conditioning in lobby of the Production Building 10,915 61
Air conditioning of Production Building 70,418.7 391
Replacement of five hundred 400W mercury vapor bulbs for 250W sodium vapor bulbs in the Plant’s access routes. 328,500 152
Estimated total 637,630.7 1,870

To support the Itaipu's initiatives in its area of influence, the Energy Efficiency Lab was opened in late November 2007 through a collaboration agreement between Eletrobrás and Procel. The Energy Efficiency Laboratory is located in the Itaipu Technology Park and, besides Eletrobrás, has partnerships with Itai (Applied Technology and Innovation Institute) and Unioeste (the State University of West Paraná).

In 2008, Cice participated in the implementation of the subject of Energy Efficiency at Unioeste, an optional discipline for students of the Electrical Engineering course at that institute.  

This action resulted in the development of two important academic projects, in benefit of Itaipu, such as the analysis of projects for the implementation of energy management systems in technology parks: the Itaipu Technology Park case study and a modernization proposal for control, supervision and monitoring equipment for the Itaipu Hydroelectric Plant Spillway.     

By adopting the power conservation measures described here, Itaipu has achieved savings of 17.5% in its consumption.

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