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Control room
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The Supervision and Central Control Room (CCR) is the heart fo the plant, where supervision and control of all equipment and systems is made, in 24 hour shift schedule, non-stop.

The binational staff, consisted in 5 operators (one Supervisor of Real-time Operation, two Senior Operators and two Assistant Operators) monitors more than 25.000 points and controls other 1500 utilizing as main tool the Scada system (Digital System of Supervision and Control).

Its purpose is to provide to the operators detailed and automatic information in a centralized way (available in more than 1500 panels in many galleries throughout the plant) and organized in real time about electric and hydraulic conditions of the facilities and equipment.

This makes possible the permanent analysis of the plant’s situation, including in emergencies, and facilitates correct and appropriate decision making in the necessary timespan to maintain the generation and transmission of energy and the control of the reservoir.

The Supervision:through alarm analysis and their criticality categories, through trend graphs of variables like temperature, tension, current and pressure, from operation instructions derivate of many engineering areas of the company, from emergency action plans and of operative experience of the real time staff, systemic decisions are taken aiming safety of personnel, environment, the facility and the continuity of energy production.

The Control:controls the spillway gates and substation breakers, auxiliary service system maneuvers, energy intake and withdraw from the twenty generating unities are some examples of control actions done daily in the control room, in routine or emergency situations.