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Transparent management
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Itaipu is a Binational Entity created and ruled, with equality of rights and obligations, by the Treaty signed on April 26th, 1973, between the Federative Republic of Brazil and the Republic of Paraguay. The company seeks to act in consonance with the international, Brazilian, and Paraguayan standards in matters of transparency, through consensual deliberations involving Brazilians and Paraguayans.
Itaipu has policies, guidelines, and objectives that foresee the transparent management and the access to information, with the prominence of the following initiatives: the Code of Ethics of Itaipu and the respective Binational Ethics Committee; the adhesion to the Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) Law; the implantation of the Electronic Purchases Portal; the Code of Conduct for the suppliers; the adoption of an Integrated System of Business Management (Enterprise Resource Planning - ERP) by SAP; the Ombudsman; the External Complaint Channel; and the Access to Information menu containing information such as the official documents of the entity, institutional and Human Resources information, Financial, Annual, and Sustainability Reports, Strategic Planning guidelines, and frequently asked questions.

Code of Ethics

The Code of Ethics of Itaipu aims to make explicit the set of values, ethical principles, and patterns of conduct that must guide the relationship among the counselors, directors, and employees of Itaipu as well its entire value chain with the intention of generating and maintaining a reciprocal compromise in the adoption of a transparent posture that involve the valuation of ethics, contributing to the credibility of Itaipu before the society. The Ethics Committee of Itaipu has the attribution of - based on the Code of Ethics and other normative instruments of the Entity - analyzing the cases made evident, detected, or submitted to the consideration of the Collegiate and issuing opinions on them for the examination and action of Itaipu authorities.

Sarbanes-Oxley Law

The central aspect of the Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) Law is the identification of risks and the establishment of internal controls that certify the authenticity, integrity, and transparency of the information used on the elaboration of financial statements. The adhesion to the norms of the SOX Law has converted into one of the main actions of improvement of the Corporative Governance by Itaipu of the last years.

Valuing transparency, Itaipu makes available on its website all the Financial Statements and other Supplementary Information submitted and approved by the Executive Board and the Administration Council of the entity.

Enterprise Resource Planning – ERP SAP

The Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) by SAP implanted at Itaipu in June of 2006 is an Integrated System of Business Management that allows the integration of the various departments of the company and the automation of the processes, providing better management of the information and cost reduction.

Contracting of services and works and the acquisition of goods

The contracting of services and works and the acquisition of goods at Itaipu occur through bidding in the modalities of competition, price taking, price collection, trading, and tender, except under the conditions and hypotheses provided for in the General Bidding Norm for the cases of No-Bid Acquisition.

To foster transparency, agility, resource consumption reduction (paper, printing, mail), and widen supplier participation in the purchasing processes, Itaipu implanted the Electronic Purchases Portal (ComprasE). In operation since 2014, the tool has already brought many gains to the company and has been recognized with two awards (CIO Brazil Notabile Award and March 19th Award of Best Innovation of 2014 - Category of Electronic Trading Systems).


The Ombudsman is a service channel with the purpose of establishing the interlocution between ITAIPU and its various publics, contributing to the participative and transparent management and, hence, to the refinement of its business practices.

External Complaint Channel

The External Complaint Channel of the companies of the Eletrobras group allows the safe communication of conducts considered antithetical or that violate the ethical principles, patterns of conduct, and the legislation in place.

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