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Initially, claimant should seek solution to her/his issues directly with information channels of the involved areas within ITAIPU, and can use either "DENUNCIATION" (Eletrobrás Group) or "Contact Us" channels, as appropriate. Exhausted these possibilities, claimant should then seek the Ombudsman's Office, which is an after-service channel.

Ombudsman’s Office works as follows:

• Receives requests from claimants through the Internet, e-mail, letter, phone or in person at ITAIPU’s offices;

• Sends the requests to those areas of ITAIPU responsible for the issue;

• Forwards the final response to the claimant.

Whenever relevant, in the course of proceedings, Ombudsman’s office may occasionally require the claimant’s cooperation to provide additional information or provide explanations that are useful to solve the issue. The maximum deadline for providing the response to the claimant shall be of thirty (30) clear days, except if there are substantiated reasons to prevent its accomplishment, which shall be properly justified to the claimant.

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