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Frequently Asked Questions
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Before contacting ITAIPU, we recommend that claimants read answers to frequently asked questions below, which are designed to answer questions regarding the work of the Ombudsman’s Office, as well as when and how to contact it.

1. What kind of issues does ITAIPU Ombudsman’s Office handle?

The Ombudsman’s Office receives claims on any issues connected to ITAIPU, including suggestions, complaints, compliments and denunciations. If the issues are under the responsibility of public administration bodies, Ombudsman’s office shall seek, within its possibilities, to guide claimants regarding the most appropriate way to send her/his issue(s) to those bodies.

2. Is under the responsibility of Ombudsman’s Office to deal with issues regarding the Code of Ethics and the Internal Complaints Committee - ICC?

No. The Ethics Committee and the Internal Complaints Committees have their own offices and the intern public should directly address those issues to them.

3. How does ITAIPU’s Ombudsman’s office work?

The Ombudsman’s Office has the power to receive suggestions, complaints, compliments and denunciations addressed to ITAIPU, forwarding them to the responsible administrative departments, organizational units, committees, commissions or collegiate forms regarding the subject. Once having received a response, Ombudsman’s Office forwards it to concerned persons. Subject to prior review, the claim shall be immediately answered by the Ombudsman’s Office if the mere provision of available information and data in the official documents of ITAIPU is enough to fully meet the claimant’s demand.

4. Who can contact ITAIPU Ombudsman’s office?

Anyone who has external relationships with ITAIPU. The current employees, retirees and interns should address their claims initially to ITAIPU internal organizational units’ management, and as regards the nature of the event, to either the Ethics Committee or the Internal Complaints Committee (ICCs).

5. Am I required to identify myself to make a denunciation or complaint?

No. The claimant has the option to require filling up a claim without identification. If the claimant chooses to identify her/himself, she/he shall have the right to confidentiality and identity secrecy assured as a matter of principle, ethical and legal duties (please, refer to exceptions in Note 3 below).

6. How anonymous denunciations and claims shall be handled?

After a preliminary analysis and a truly evidence based confirmation, Ombudsman’s Office shall accept those anonymous claims that meet the fundamental condition for prosecutions or reasonable proceeding unrelated to the anonymous origin manifestation, except by the fact that no anonymous claims can justify by itself the opening of a formal process or procedure at the Ombudsman’s Office. Anonymous claims only with libelous, defamatory or contumelious content against ITAIPU should be filed.

7. If I identify myself, am I subject to retaliation? What guarantees do I have to protect me?

No. The strict maintenance of information confidentiality and sources, whenever appropriate, is among the principles and values to be observed by the Ombudsman’s Office. Thus, if the claimant identify her/himself and expressly request confidentiality for her/his personal data, the Ombudsman’s Office shall normally proceed the claim and assure the claimant’s identity confidentiality (please refer to exception in Note 3 below).

8. How can I make a denunciation or a claim?

For denunciations and information on possible irregularities or improprieties on ITAIPU accounting records and processes citizens should use the "DENUNCIATION CHANNEL" available on the Eletrobrás Group companies’ website on the Internet designed to meet regulations. In such other cases, the external claimant should contact ITAIPU, firstly through "CONTACT US" channel and if she/he does not get a satisfactory answer or solution to her/his request, she/he should then contact Ombudsman’s office. The internal claimant should first contact the responsible areas of ITAIPU (please, refer to item 2 above), using various communication means available at the company, such as electronic mail and internal channels such as "CONTACT US" or similar ones.

9. How long does it take to get an answer?

Whereas the time for conclusion of a claim depends crucially on the diversity and complexity of each case, the Ombudsman’s Office goal is to answer each claim quickly, objectively and accurately with transparency, integrity and respect. However, the maximum deadline to provide a response shall be of up to thirty (30) business days, except if there are substantiated reasons to prevent its accomplishment, which shall be properly justified to the claimant.

10. Can the claimant follow up the progress of a claim?

Yes. Therefore, the claimant is required to preferably register her/his claim on ITAIPU Ombudsman’s Office website on the Internet once this record shall provide a protocol number, through which the claimant shall be able to follow up procedures adopted until the conclusion.

11. How does the Ombudsman’s Office handle documents sent by citizens?

All documentation sent to ITAIPU Ombudsman’s Office shall be kept confidential and filed with restricted access. Documents shall not be returned to the claimant after the process’s accomplishment.

12. Why is it important to implement an Ombudsman’s Office?

Primarily to meet integration needs among different stakeholders concerned with ITAIPU corporate performance, once the modern corporate governance advocates, among known solutions, the establishment of an Ombudsman’s Office, which is defined as a communication channel between companies and society, and gives transparency to its administration decisions. It is thus an important room for dialogue and an opportunity for interaction between communities and ITAIPU, with strict observance of human rights and human dignity, guided by ethical and moral principles, the respect for constitutional and legal principles of Brazil and Paraguay and the recognition and respect for diversity of opinions.

13. What kind of contribution shall the Ombudsman’s Office bring to the company?

By constantly communicating and interacting with the internal and external public through the Ombudsman’s office, ITAIPU has the opportunity to not only meet its expectations for information but also gather information and useful insights to the continuous improvement of its own corporate governance and with positive results to the communities in Brazil and Paraguay. Thus, the Ombudsman’s Office contributes to the implementation of participatory and transparent management and, as a result, enables itself to also help with recommendations that support the improvement of business practices and processes of ITAIPU.

(1) These FAQ comply with the documents of the Ombudsman’s Office incorporation and operation approved by ITAIPU’s Board of Directors.
(2) ITAIPU reserves the right at any time and without notice to change contents released on the Ombudsman’s Office website on the Internet.
(3) ITAIPU acknowledges the responsibility for safeguarding the sources’ confidentiality, whenever it is required, at the discretion of Ombudsman and Avocat, subject to the compliance with the legislation applicable to specific situations (such as in judicial intervention).

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