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Basic Policies and Guidelines
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Respect with the Human Being
Recognize and respect the dignity, individual rights, citizenship and the aspects which constitute the human diversity in what concerns gender, religion, culture, race, ethnicity and different capacities, among others.

Binational Integration
Extending the knowledge, comprehension and respect of the values of the Paraguayans and Brazilians, stimulating the harmonic social interaction and search for joint solutions, attending the internal and external needs of the Entity, for benefit of both country’s societies, constituting it in a paradigm for the Latin-American integration.

Proactivity and Innovation    
Incentivizing people to notice and  prevent problems, and take opportunities, mobilizing resources and competences to improve the performance of the Entity and attend the Brazilian and Paraguayan societies demand.

Accountability and Rendering Accounts
Explain, report, justify and take responsibility for one’s acts, under the aegis of the Treaty, before the Brazilian and Paraguayan societies.

Recognition of people’s work
Valuing the efforts and contributions of people in the obtained results for the Entity and both countries’ societies.

Corporative Sustainability
Ensure that the initiatives of ITAIPU are socially fair, environmentally correct, economically feasible and culturally accepted, guaranteeing the constant presence of the Entity.

Regional Sustainable Development
Obligation which the company takes before the community, meaning to cooperate with its integral development, respecting the local culture, promoting the socio-economic development, social inclusion, and improvement of the environmental conditions.

Ethical Values
Considering ethics in all its dimensions as a fundamental and permanent obligation.

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