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Itaipu's company security force operates in conjunction with local authorities. Agreements signed with the Federal Police, Paraná's Forest Police, the City Guard and the Department of Border Operations (DOF) of Mato Grosso do Sul make it possible to provide security to the area of the reservoir, the lake's protection strip, and biological sanctuaries.

The Federal Police of Paraná patrols the 1.4 thousand kilometers of the protection strip (a 200 meter-wide area of water-bordering vegetation around the lake whose primary function is to prevent the reservoir from silting up).

On its turn, the agreement with the Department of Border Operations (DOF), a body comprising civil, military and federal police, is specifically dedicated to the Maracaju Sanctuary, a binational park located near the Guaíra area, and the fight against smuggling and drug trafficking.

Through the agreement with the Federal Police, Itaipu built the seat of the Special Maritime Police Unit by the reservoir, in an effort to strengthen security on the Brazil-Paraguay border and prevent environmental crimes.

Besides ensuring quick access for patrol operations, the infrastructure has intelligence equipment to monitor communications in the area. That infrastructure will be further improved by the completion of the second phase of the agreement between the binational company and the Federal Police, which provides for the construction of a pier near the headquarters.

In the meantime, Navy facilities are used to house the three speedboats donated by Itaipu – one of them armored. At the cost of R$ 2.5 million, they are used to patrol the lake's 170 km length and 15 km average width.

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