A maior geradora de energia limpa e renovável do planeta

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Itaipu Binacional: world leader in clean and renewable energy
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Itaipu Binacional is the result of a  partnership between Brazilians and Paraguayans who together won the challenge to convert into electricity the Paraná River, one of the mightiest rivers in the world.
With installed capacity of 14,000 megawatts and annual output of 103.1 million megawatt/hour in 2016 (world record in annual energy generation), Itaipu is a world leader in clean and renewable energy having produced more than 2.4 billion MWh since it started operating, in 1984 and accounts for 17% of the electricity supply in Brazil and for 76% of supply to Paraguay.
Today, however, the scope of the plant extends far beyond energy production. Itaipu has become one of the main drivers of economic and social development of the border region between the two countries. Below, you will find a selection of papers and videos that present the main initiatives of Itaipu on the environmental, social, technological fields, as well as tourism.
Since the beginning of its operation, Itaipu Binacional has paid over $ 10 billion to Brazil and Paraguay (half for each country) in royalties. The value is calculated according to the energy generated throughout each month.
Since 2003, the company's mission has incorporated social and environmental responsibility, which is reflected in numerous programs dedicated to the environment and to the communities located near the plant. Itaipu is also a signatory to various national and international commitments such as the Global Compact, the Earth Charter, the Kyoto Protocol, among others.
These commitments are translated into actions that make Itaipu (winner of the UN Award Water for Life 2015) a model for new projects in the electricity sector and proving that hydroelectricity can walk at the same pace of social inclusion and the preservation of nature.
With the Cultivando Água Boa (Cultivating Good Water) program, for example, Itaipu leads 20 projects covering 29 municipalities that are part of the Paraná River Basin 3 (the area connected with the reservoir of the plant). These initiatives are focused on environmental education, the recovery of social and environmental liabilities in each community and each watershed, and the adoption of more sustainable production and consumption means.
Itaipu also integrates the Health Work Group, which brings together Brazilian, Paraguayan and Argentine institutions to implement and coordinate actions to improve the health conditions of people living in the Triple Border region. Another front is the Program to Combat Sexual Exploitation of Children and Adolescents in the same region.
Itaipu is also leading a number of initiatives to promote tourism, as the campaign that helped elect the Iguaçu Falls one of the New 7 Wonders of Nature, besides collaborating on several projects that contribute to disseminate and improve the tourist infrastructure of the Iguaçu Destination.
To assist in the execution of these projects and to serve as an educational center and production of new technologies, Itaipu created the Itaipu Technological Park, which today houses the campus of exact sciences of the University of the Western Paraná State (Unioeste), the temporary campus of the Federal University of Latin American Integration, as well as laboratories and reference centers in renewable energy research (specially biogas, at the International Biogas Center  - CIBiogas-ER), craft technology, dam safety and many others.
The new institutional mission also reflected internally, with the adoption of a gender policy which is now a reference for the Brazilian government and the electricity sector, in addition to numerous sheltered practices in Sustainability Management System, which now pervades all areas of the company.