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Once it is established that areas belonging to Itaipu have been illegally occupied, forest technicians associated to the Cultivating Porá Water conduct a preliminary analysis to determine the best course of action to rehabilitate local vegetation.

Reforestation employs native species and is conducted according to Itaipu's technical specifications. Seedling production and their transplant to repossessed areas take place with massive participation of the local community, duly compensated for their work.

Itaipu has promoted reforestation initiatives on the Paraguayan side of the reservoir since 1991, when the company started regenerating the streams Pira Pytâ, Pikyry, and Dos Hermanas, in addition to the Maracaju biological sanctuary. Overall, an area of 1.4 thousand hectares has been rehabilitated.

Among reforestation goals are the decrease in soil erosion, improvement to water quality, maintenance of a biological corridor for animal and vegetable species, and protection of wild animals, biodiversity and biological equilibrium.

On the Paraguayan side, a fence 450 kilometers long protects a reforested area along the reservoir so as to mark the territory belonging to Itaipu and keep animals and plants safe.

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