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Teen Yard Worker
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The Teen Yard Workers Project has the objective to help teens from low-income families, of both genders, from the age of 16 to 18 who live in Foz do Iguaçu and are in a situation of social risk.
The idea is to offer job-prep training in yard work linked to improving their quality of life and environmental sustainability. The project’s proposal is to contribute to the social and cultural insertion of the youth so that they can build a more dignified life perspective and learn to become citizens.
- Contribute to personal and citizen training of adolescents who are in a situation of social risk.
- Contribute to the insertion or re-insertion into school as well as improve the teen’s school grades.
- Contribute to the insertion of the teens in the job world and in making an income.
- Build knowledge and values in relation to the environment and for the quality of life.
- Contribute to improving the social-family ties.
- Promote socialization among the participants.
- Contribute to the access of the teens to actions and services that promote, protect, and recover their health.
- Replicate the project in BP3 municipalities.
This project has been spearheaded by a multi-disciplinary team in the areas of exact, biological, and human sciences. This team is responsible for managing and planning as well as for executing, monitoring, and assessing the project. Each institution (municipal bodies, NGOs, School Board, Department of Justice) can choose the way it considers most appropriate to administrate the initiative as long as it takes into consideration the local reality, project’s objective, its multi-disciplinary nature implicit in it, and the establishment of relationship with partner institutions.
The adolescents selected for the project undergo an educational process in the area of yard work, environmental education, and choir with theoretical and practical classes and workshops with a focus on sustainability. This process culminates in the training of citizens that are aware of their importance in the social-environmental conservation in the region.
The future workshops include the strategies that make this awareness possible. These workshops usually work with the present of each young person and of the group in various situations of life, including environmental education and a forecast is made of changes for the future.
At the same time the project makes it possible to complement basic education by going back to school and building values related to family relations and other friends in the project.
Those finishing the course are encouraged to work collectively by setting up a co-op. To monitor this process it is important to have a team managing the trained professionals to give support to these organizations. The formation of an association of lawn care, however, should be a desire coming from the young people and not an impose alternative.
The project is carried out in theoretical classes of 27 modules and practical classes in which the teens work with plant care and upkeep of the trails in the Bela Vista Biological Refuge as well as in areas that grow medicinal plants where they learn about their importance and effectiveness.
Since its beginning the Teen Yard Workers project has already trained more than 200 young people. It not only benefits directly the participant, but the program also impacts his/her family’s income because the teens are paid as determined in Law 10,097/2000.

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