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Green Line Environmental Education Network
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The Green Line Environmental Education Network is an educational action whose purpose is to foster the continued education of several social players about the culture of sustainability via activities based on the following guiding principles: organic agriculture, good water and healthy people. It is carried out by 105 monitors representing the cities.

These monitors work to raise their communities' awareness through activities such as: technical visits to farmers, monitored ecological visits, training sessions for 450 teachers, distribution of teaching materials, 135,000 Organic World booklets, 650 kits containing the planetary documents (Formal Education Network), 65 educational workshops – the Earth Charter, 450 performances of the play “Matita: an organic adventure”, city action plans for people who collect recyclable materials, 12 education courses on agroecology, continued education for 25 nutritionists  and 100 lunch ladies, and implementation of the BP3 Healthy Recipes Contest, in which 700 lunch ladies enter and 58 recipes are selected and adopted at schools.

This way, the Green Line Environmental Education Network, which is focused on formal education, has helped engage people and institutions in the Educator Training Program (FEA), a non-formal education proposal for low-income populations. This program has brought together the teachers in the BP3 and the Iguaçu National Park, and taken roots by building Learning Communities. Additionally, many people involved in these initiatives also take part in the construction of the Local Agendas 21 taking place in BP3 cities.

Besides their joint work with FEA, the actions and activities are interconnected and permeate especially the projects of organic agriculture, medicinal plants, outreaching trash collection, and watershed management. Nevertheless, one way or another they feature in every initiative developed by the Cultivating Good Water program.