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Training of Environmental Educators (FEA)
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The Training of Environmental Educators (FEA) is developed through the Research-Action-Participant (PAP) method, also known as People-who-Learn-by-Participating. It is carried out via dialogue circles that keep on expanding and building up “mandalas” that disseminate knowledge and social-environmental care.

In this mandala, PAP1 comprises the design team – staffed by people from the Ministries of the Environment and Education, PAP2 by the group of instructors from 57 partner institutions, PAP3 is the training process for 207 environmental educators representing all walks of life in the 29 cities in the BP3 who in turn trigger PAP4, comprising 119 learning communities involving 2,900 social players.

The process encompasses various social-environmental issues chosen and offered by the group of instructors according to local circumstances. The end-goal is to strengthen the construction of public policies capable of turning all the local cities into Sustainable Cities. That requires a dialogue between the groups, networks, forums, projects, programs and social-environmental initiatives developed locally and coordinated at other levels.