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Brazil to host Water Forum of the Americas
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Coming November 23 to 25, Foz do Iguaçu (PR) will welcome government representatives from over 30 countries taking part in the Water Forum of the Americas. The meeting will be held in preparation for the World Water Forum in Turkey, March 2009.


Brazil to host Water Forum of the Americas Summoned every three years, the World Forum is an initiative by the World Water Council, an organization dedicated to analyzing world water policies. Its prupose is to respond to the growing global concern for the huge pressure exercised by human populations on water resources.


Deforestation, climate changes, the irresponsible use of pesticides, soil erosion, and industrial and urban pollution are some of the main factors endangering water supply in the near. According to UN estimates, if corrective measures are not taken now, nearly half of the world population will be facing lack of water by 2050.


That is why the topic has been increasingly added to governmental agendas. Proof of that is the Water Forum of the Americas, a joint initiative by several institutions, among them the Americas Regional Consortium, the Brazilian Water Agency (ANA), Itaipu Binacional, and the state government of Paraná, among others.


The meeting program is divided into geographical regions (South, Central, and North America, and the Caribbean) and ends at a plenary meeting that will collect the results of each session's discussions. The idea is to set up political commitments and goals to be fulfilled by the participants over the next few years.


As for South America, a preparatory meeting was held in Montevideo (Uruguay) last September, bringing together governments, the civil society, and research and teaching institutions from 10 countries. Among the priorities listed by the participants, besides allocating more funds to enable people's access to water and indoor plumbing, is the need for each country to draw up its national water resources plan, just as Brazil has been doing. A document containing that and other topics pointed out by the countries will base local discussions at the Forum.


Some of the participants that have RSVP'd to the event are Carlos Minc, Brazilian Minister of the Environment, José Machado, chairman of the Brazilian Water Agency (ANA), Loïc Fauchon, chairman of the World Water Council, and its vice chairman, Benedito Braga, as well as the Brazilian and Paraguayan general directors of Itaipu Binacional, Jorge Samek and Carlos Mateo Balmelli, respectively.


Concurrent program


Concurrently with the Water Forum of the Americas, the 5th Cultivating Good Water Program Meeting will be held by Itaipu Binacional. Both events will be opened at the same ceremony on November 23, and have different programs over the two following days.


The Cultivating Good Water is a social-environmental program carried out by Itaipu that fosters environmental education initiatives, correction of farming and ranching liabilities, biodiversity conservation, and conversion of economic activities into sustainable production in the 29 cities on the Paraná Watershed 3 (western Paraná). It holds annual meetings that bring together the over 1,200 partners of the program, besides community leaders and people benefited by the initiative. The meetings are opportunities to discuss results and revaluate goals and proposals.


Some of the speakers at the event will be Eduardo Mestre, chairman of the Expo Zaragoza Water Tribune, Leonardo Boff, theologian and environmental activist, and Loïc Fauchon, chairman of the World Water Council. The event will also offer theme-based workshops on Watershed Management, Sustainable Agriculture, Medicinal Plants, Residue Management and Social Insertion, Environmental Education, Fish Farming and Aquaculture, Renewable Energies and Sustainable Buildings, Youth and the Environment, and Avá-Guarani Communities' Sustainability and Natural, Historic and Cultural Heritage.


Further information and registrations:
Water Forum of the Americas: http://www.ana.gov.br/arc/
Cultivating Good Water: http://www.itaipu.gov.br/vcab/pt-br