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Brazil and Paraguay taking negotiations further
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The official commission set up by the Brazilian and Paraguayan governments to review the Itaipu Treaty met for the first time this past Monday, 29, at the company board room in Foz do Iguaçu. The meeting lasted five hours and led to the creation of two sub-commissions: one to discuss the financial aspects of the debt and the tariff, and another to examine technical issues related to power generation and infrastructure work.


The sub-commissions have 30 days to thoroughly look into the information on each topic proposed. The official negotiation commission will be meeting again on October 27.


According to Márcio Zimmermann, the acting Brazilian Minister of Mines and Energy, the decision to create sub-commissions meets the need to generate a single database for both sides of the negotiation table. “We'll only be able to move on after these sub-commissions complete their work”, he said.


Consensus was reached in the meeting. “This meeting was very important to get our cooperation efforts going towards reaching an agreement”, said Jorge Lara Castro, the Paraguayan vice-minister of Foreign Affairs. “It was a good start for our dialogue”, he added.


Also attending from the Paraguayan side were Samuel González, vice-minister of Public Works; Ricardo Canese, coordinator of the Negotiation Table; Hugo Ruiz Díaz, legal advisor to the president; and Jorge Rolón Luna, representing the Foreign Affairs Ministry council at the Itaipu Board, among others.


In addition to Márcio Zimmermann, some of the Brazilian representatives were Ênio Cordeiro, embassador, Latin American general sub-secretary of the Foreign Affairs Ministry; Luiz Eduardo Carvalho e Silva, chief of staff at the Ministry of Finance; Jorge Samek, Brazilian general director of Itaipu; and Valter Luiz Cardeal de Souza, engineering director for Eletrobrás.