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Special Tour
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What does it include?
Allows visitors into the inner section of the dam. Provides special services such as bilingual guides, a documentary exhibition on the Itaipu Auditorium, and a special bus with water on board. It takes about 2 hours and 30 minutes. It is a seven-stop tour (taking pictures and filming is allowed at all of them):

1st stop – Central Belvedere and Poty's Panel Station
Visitors enjoy a panoramic view of the dam and the spillway. And see a tile panel depicting awe-inspiring scenes from the time Itaipu was under construction, created by Paraná artist Poty Lazzarotto.

2nd stop – Concrete Dam Station
From the top of the dam where the generating units' water intake gates are located, visitors enjoy a privileged view of the power plant's reservoir and the Paraná River, which resumes its course once it leaves the dam behind.

3rd stop – Cathedral Station
Once inside the dam, visitors discover the hollow architecture similar to that of a cathedral. They also walk by ducts (huge white “tubes”) through which up to 700 thousand liters of water flow per second, or half the flow of the Iguazu Falls within each one. They also see the former Paraná River bed.

4th stop – Production Building Station
This building holds the equipment that keeps the power plant in operation, including the generating units.

5th stop – Central Command Room Station
Right before the eyes of visitors, technicians control the power plant's operation by means of computers and electronic panels. A yellow strip on the floor represents the border between Brazil and Paraguay. The divide is merely symbolic once the power plant belongs to both countries.
6th stop – Outflow Channel Station
From this viewpoint visitors watch the water that went through the turbines flow back into the Paraná River and follow its natural course.

7th stop – Gallery Station
Workers riding bikes or driving small electric cars give a sense of this gallery's dimension, which is one kilometer long. The covers of the 20 generating units can be seen.

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Required to present identification document with photo (ID or Passport). The minimum age for this tour is 14 years old. The use of flip flops, high heel shoes shorts and mini-skirts is not allowed during the visit. Sandals are only permitted if they fit tightly on the heel, without high heels and if they have rubber soles. Visitors who do not comply with these criteria will not be able to make the visit.