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Iguazu Falls
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What are they?
A horseshoe-shaped row of 275 waterfalls that spring from the Iguazu River on the Brazil-Argentina border.

What is there to do?
Contemplate one of the most spectacular natural sceneries in the world. Visitors traverse walkways that take them a few meters from the largest of all the waterfalls, called “The Devil's Gorge”. The view of the falls from the Brazilian belvedere is indescribable. The Falls are part of the Iguazu National Park, the largest reserve of subtropical rainforest in the world. The dozens of coatis (raccoon-like animals) frolicking freely among tourists give a sense of the wealthy collection of animals and plants living in that ecosystem. Along the 1.5 km hike on the walkways built on the Brazilian side it is also possible to watch the large cliff swallows flying by overhead. They love water and build their nests on the cliffs. Another must-see angle is that of the waterfalls seen from a panoramic elevator located at the end of the hike. On the Argentinean side there are 2.3 km-long trails and excellent infrastructure that even allows access for wheelchair-bound visitors.

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