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The Spawning Channel
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What is it?

It is a man-made, 10 km-long river connecting the Paraná River, at the stretch ahead of the dam, to the reservoir so as to allow the upstream migration of fish.

What is there to do?

Watch fish swimming by on their way to the reservoir. At spawning time, that is, the reproductive migration that takes place from November to March, the flow is more intense. In the remainder of the year, fish migrate in search of food. They have to overcome a 120 meter difference in river levels with the help from rapids and lakes. Even large-size species go through the channel. The Spawning Channel also offers a lane of white water for the practice of water sports such as rafting and slalom kayaking. The existence of natural (boulders) and man-made obstacles allows currents to be modulated, enabling international competitions to be held.

Useful information:

Today it is only available to those taking the Company Tour. It will be open for public visitation in the future.