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Lighting of the Dam
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What is it?
A set of 519 floodlights and 112 light fixtures provides the dam's nighttime lighting, in synch with a soundtrack created specially for the show.

What is there to do?
By the contrast of lights against the night, unveil the awe-inspiring dam shown in detail. It is hard to picture, but the lighted power house looks even larger. The show is added extra charm on full moon evenings. Visitors watch the show at the same central belvedere from which people can see Itaipu in operation in daytime. A captivating musical score is perfectly synchronized to the lighting of the floodlights projecting shapes on the colossal concrete wall. This dynamic lighting show unique in its genre in the entire world amazes spectators for its beauty and grandeur. It is available on both river sides.

When and how much?
For prices and schedule, please check our web site

Visitors Reception Center on the Brazilian side (Avenida Tancredo Neves, 6.702 – Foz do Iguaçu-Brazil) and Visitors Reception Center on the Paraguayan side (Hernandarias-Paraguay).

Brazil +55 (45) 3529-2892 /
Paraguay (061) 599-8040 / fax (061) 599-8045 /