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What is it?
Adventure-tourism options at the Iguazu National Park and Paraguay.

What is there to do?
Dive head-first into adventures that stir up emotions and put your nerves to the test. The main stage for extreme attractions is the Iguazu National Park. The most famous ride is the Macuco Safari, a bold sail along the Iguazu River. Fast inflatable boats tear through the rapids upstream taking tourists less than five meters away from the point where the Iguazu Falls plunge down. Feel like more thrill? Our tip is going rafting on fierce rapids urged on by the Waterfalls in oar-driven inflatable boats. Another option is the Field of Challenges, a circuit that offers several types of skill-testing sports such as commando bridge traversing, rock climbing, indoor climbing, rappelling and Tyrolean traverses. A suggestion for thrill-seekers is climbing the Iguazu River canyon and rappelling down its 40 meters, having the Waterfalls in the backdrop. For those who are not so keen on extreme maneuvers, the trails inside the Iguazu National Park offer a safe and breathtaking walk. We suggest the Banana Tree Trail and the Black Well Trail. In Paraguay, the attraction is the annual edition of the “Paraguay Adventure”, a three-day eco-adventure event held in September. Athletes navigate the 189 km course along the Itaipu Tourist Complex, including 40-meter rappelling from the Monday Falls, kayaking on the Itaipu lake, trekking and biking.