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The Builder of Dams Panel (Painel do Barrageiro)
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The Builder of Dams Panel is a collaborative piece made by Poty Lazzarotto and Adoaldo Lenzi, and was inaugurated in November 1998 at the Main Observation Deck at the Itaipu power plant, a stop along the visitors' tour.

The mural is a tribute to the approximately 100,000 Brazilian and Paraguayan workers who helped build Itaipu. This is the estimated number of dam-building staff who worked in the construction starting in 1975.

At 25 meters long and 3.5 m wide, the panel comprises an arch covered in tiles on one side and the other in high relief. Among the details, raincoats in addition to the hard hats, because the work could not stop; detonation of explosives; and the bicycle used to overcome the great distances in the construction site and at leisure times.

The panel depicts the construction of the power plant across its 180 square meters. It is located across from the Main Observation Deck, which offers the best view of the dam. Another attraction for those who enjoy fine art.

Location:  Av. Tancredo Neves, 6731, Foz do Iguaçu - PR.