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Sustainability of Vulnerable Segments
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The Sustainability of Vulnerable Segments Program already brings in its name a great challenge since it intends to carry out the difficult task of dealing with sustainability and social vulnerability. The program’s idea is well in accordance with Itaipu’s institutional mission since there is not social responsibility if it is not accompanied with caring for those that are at society’s margins, on the other side of civic fence.

Within this scenario, Itaipu takes on the responsibility to make rights more democratic and ensure sustainable development for people at the margins of society. Three projects were defined based on this premise:

- Solidary Recycling
- Teen Yard Worker
- Indian Communities

This program deals with sustainability in a broad sense, interconnected and dynamic, covering environment, social, and economic aspects that are linked. Each action of this program calls for continual learning both on the pedagogical side by the creation of room for dialogue, as well as the conception, operation, and execution. It is an authentic participatory work based on partnership, making all the programs, projects, and actions possible.

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