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Environmental policy
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The construction of a hydroelectric power plant has an impact on the biosphere. That is why conserving and protecting the environment are permanent concerns of Itaipu Binacional.

The rivers, streams and springs supplying the water that moves the power plant are paid special attention by environmental management initiatives. However, the company's work goes beyond the reservoir and complements legal requirements.

To protect animals and plants, Itaipu maintains biological reserves and sanctuaries in addition to a biodiversity corridor, promoting the conservation of local native forests.

In the areas it found already devastated by agriculture, Itaipu launched reforestation initiatives that have already planted 20 million tree seedlings on the reservoir protection strip.

Being a company committed to sustainable development, Itaipu also adopts procedures to reuse and recycle materials, promotes child and adult environmental education across the entire power plant lake's area of influence, and encourages ecologically-correct practices in agriculture, fishing, and recreation activities.

The commitment of its social-environmental initiatives to improving the quality of life in communities surrounding the lake ensures special focus on the health of those populations.

Since 2003, social-environmental responsibility has been a part of Itaipu's mission. A commitment assumed by the company, its employees and associates towards society and life on this planet.

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