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Environmental Monitoring and Assessment
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Itaipu's commitment with the issue of environment and mainly with the quality of Paraná River’s quality was shown even before any construction took place. The monitoring of the water began in 1977 with the objective of characterizing and assessing the changes in the water ecosystems with the purpose of proposing mitigating actions for the possible impacts as well as providing the multiple uses of water.

After this, other monitoring actions were incorporated and new methodologies were proposed to those and new objectives such as to check and improve the water’s quality by means of water conservation actions and soil proposals. This new network established has demonstrated interesting and positive results that in fact are simply the fruits harvested by the entire community in the region.

Environmental Lab

Itaipu Environmental Lab was implemented in 1991 and currently it carries out about 13,000 tests a year in order to meet the various environmental action needs developed by various areas in the company, which includes its part in research and environmental and biological monitoring.

The evolution of the methods and technology of the equipment make Itaipu’s Environmental Lab a reference in the field of prevention, diagnosis, and disease control in obtaining environmental analysis parameters and in the development of surveys. Based on the study of data obtained, it is possible to elaborate a profile of the environment and set targets to improve the quality of life in the ecosystem.


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