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Iguassu Falls: romantic and in fashion
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According to CNN, the Iguassu Falls are one of the 14 most romantic destinations in the world. The notice was published in the Travel section of the site



The publication of the 14 most romantic destinations in the world was due to the date celebrated on Saturday, February 14, by a large number of countries: St. Valentine’s Day, the equivalent of Brazil’s Dia dos Namorados.


Each destination included a beautiful picture and a short caption. CNN explained a little about the falls: “Iguassu Falls (Brazil-Argentina) extend over 2,700 meters in a semi-circular shape and are made up of 275 individual falls. This is one destination sure to get pulses racing”. 

The Falls are in excellent company: with the beautiful island of Bali, in Indonesia; Venice, in Italy; St. Lucia, in the Caribbean; Paris, in France; New York, the United States; and, among others, the eternal rival - Niagara Falls (Canada-United States), considered a world favorite 'for decades’, according to CNN. 

In fashion


In another notice, published in Reinaldo Bessa’s column in the Gazeta do Povo newspapaer, a new trend is brought to our attention:  the Iguassu Falls are considered “in” more and more often.  Bessa reveals that this year’s theme at the sixth edition of the João Turin Award for Incentives to New Designers, in Curitiba, is all about the Falls. The student who presents the best project inspired on this touristic point will win a trip to Paris or Milan.