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Hotels launch “Good Season in Foz” promotion
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This Wednesday (25), the Foz do Iguaçu tourism trade launched a promotion to increase the flow of tourists in the city during the low season, which lasts until June 30. On purchasing a three day accommodation package, guests gain a fourth day in the hotel free of charge, except on long weekends.


Running for the second consecutive year, the “Good Season in Foz” promotion unites 32 hotels in the city, which is the second most visited destination for foreign tourists vacationing in Brazil. In all, the hotels are making more than 4,000 apartments available, which total more than 8,500 beds for the promotion.  



Tourism in the Land of the Falls is going through a good moment, mainly thanks to the keen interest from domestic visitors. Last year, on the Brazilian side, the Iguaçu National Park registered an historic record of 1.15 million visitors. 


With the promotion, there is strong expectation that the monthly visits’ average will receive a boost during the low season, when the flow of tourists at the Falls drops by 40% in comparison with the high season months. In order to achieve a satisfactory number of visits, the "Good Season in Foz” campaign will be widely promoted, with advertisements on TV, radio and the Internet.  


Strengthening domestic tourism


“Foz do Iguaçu has attractions to entertain visitors the whole year round, regardless of the weather.  We have to take advantage of this characteristic to strengthen this destination internally now when the sale of domestic packages is increasing all over Brazil", says Gilmar Piolla, Media superintendant for Itaipu Binacional, a partner company in organizing the promotion. 


“In relation to last year, we have also managed to increase the number of participating hotels by more than 50%. With an initiative such as this, everyone comes out winning”, points out Mauro Sebastiany, western Paraná regional president of the Brazilian Hotel Industry Association (ABIH).


Hotels in Foz do Iguaçu, which have approximately 19,000 beds available, register a maximum occupation rate of 55% between the months of March and June. According to the municipal secretary of tourism, Felipe González, in addition to the low season, the promotion also aims to strengthen tourism in the busiest months.


“The campaign has put the city on show and has ended up being an invitation for guests to return to Foz at other times of the year”, he says. Like the tourists and hotels, commerce also gains thanks to the campaign. “Promotions of this nature have a direct impact on the local economy related to tourism in some manner”, confirms the president of the Hotels, Bars and Restaurants Union of Foz do Iguaçu and surrounding Region, Carlos Antônio da Silva.


Regulations and participating hotels


Promotion regulations are available on the website The address also includes information on participating hotels. The campaign, valid until June 30, except for long weekends, is subject to the availability of vacancies and commercial conditions of the establishments.


The promotion does not include food, transport or tourist attraction entrance fee expenses, nor any other expenses of this nature.